Dorner Automated Conveyor Systems for MN, WI, ND and SD

Mechatronic Solutions is a leading distributor of Dorner conveyors. Dorner’s wide variety of industrial, precision, and sanitary conveyance solutions are designed to optimize production output and efficiency. Dorner provides material handling solutions for applications such as accumulation, rejects, diverting, sorting, elevation, and many more.

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Dorner Automated Conveyor Company

Dorner solves industrial, packaging, and sanitary material handling needs through the design, manufacturing, and integration of automated conveyor systems. With automated conveyor systems from Dorner, the efficiency, performance, and productivity of your operations can be improved. These conveyor systems can get everything from machined parts to raw food products to a precise location, in a precise position, at the exact time it needs to be there for the next phase in the material handling process.

Types of Automated Conveyor System Solutions from Dorner

  • Accumulation Conveyor Systems
  • Depositing & Rejects
  • Diverting & Sorting
  • Elevation & Line Egress
  • Indexing & Positioning
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Merging
  • Product Flow & Control
  • Product Handling

Dorner Conveyor Models

1X Series

  • 1100 Miniature Belt Conveyors

2X Series

  • 2200 Belted Conveyors
  • 2200 Modular Belt Conveyors
  • 2200 Precision Move Conveyors
  • 2200 Gravity Roller Conveyors

3X Series

  • 3200 Belted Conveyors
  • 3200 Modular Belt Conveyors
  • 3200 Precision Move Conveyors
  • 3200 Series Conveyors with Intralox Activated Roller Belt

7X Series

  • AquaGard and AquaPruf Sanitary Conveyors


  • FlexMove Conveyors
  • FlexMove Alpine Conveyors
  • FlexMove Helix Conveyors
  • FlexMove Pallet Systems
  • FlexMove Twist Conveyors
  • FlexMove Wedge Conveyors

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